Deepika Padukone just walked out in a Rs 91,498 jacket like it’s no big deal

Deepika Padukone has almost always made headlines with her chic and vintage airport looks. From sporting trumpet jeans to quirky shirts, the vividness of her airport looks has been rather impressive.

While we’ve seen her pull off boyfriend looks a number of times in the past, her recent look has got our heads spinning for different reasons. For the uninitiated, boyfriend-dressing means wearing baggy and not-necessarily-fitted clothes, giving the idea that they’ve been borrowed from one’s boyfriend. Deepika, who wore a pair of wide-legged jeans with a deep-green sweatshirt from Burberry, looked like she had time-travelled from the ’80s. Her ancient look was enthralling, and refreshing, because we haven’t really seen someone dress so retro in a long time.

Deepika Padukone sported a costly, bomber jacket by Burberry. Photo: Yogen Shah
What’s more, she had thrown a Burberry jacket over her printed sweatshirt, which belongs to the brand’s men’s collection, and costs a whopping Rs 91,498. The fawn-coloured jacket boasted of a vibrant, scribble print, and contrasted smoothly against her dark-coloured outfit.

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She finished the look with blow-dried, straight locks brushing her face, a pair of reflectors, and a teal-green, tote bag–now that’s called colour-coding like a pro.

As casual as it may look, this bomber jacket is yet another proof of Deepika’s high-end taste in fashion.

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